• Review the suggestions and homework policy on the home page.
  • On the first page, write down the UNI next to your name.
  • Acknowledge clearly, at the beginning of each problem, the people you discussed with on that problem (including teaching assistants and the instructor).
  • Other than the homework, you are also encouraged to work on other exercises and problems of the textbook. Make effective use of the office hours if you have any difficulty in solving them. Solutions to a set of selected exercises and problems can be found here.
  • Please leave your homework in one of the two boxes (labelled Analysis of Algorithms section 1 and section H1) outside of my office CSB 503 no later than 6pm on the due date (Mondays).




Jan 23
Set 1

Feb 6
Set 2
Set 1 due

Feb 20
Set 3
Set 2 due

Mar 6
Set 4
Set 3 due

Mar 27
Set 5
Set 4 due

Apr 10
Set 6
Set 5 due

Apr 24
Set 7
Set 6 due

May 11

Set 7 due